strand-919-hMaximising research to enhance communications performance

Media analysis and communications research are increasingly important for data-based decision making. Research data can help communicators become more effective, more agile and more accountable.

Data supports planning, strategy development and performance measurement. However, it can be time consuming and difficult to ensure it is delivering maximum insight and value. All too often, faced with an overwhelming set of charts and tables, it is easier to focus on just one “score” at the expense of the true value that might be hidden in the data.

The Measurement Practice provides expert support to help our clients maximise the business value of their existing research programmes. We provide practical auditing and recommendations, whether you already have a measurement programme in place, or whether you are thinking of commissioning research. Our team has decades of research and PR experience, allied to a strong commercial and business focus.

Audit & programme recommendations

Your existing programme may well contain a wealth of hidden, valuable in-sight that could dramatically improve your communications planning and strategy. The Measurement Practice has both the experience and skills to uncover the true value of the data you receive from your measurement supplier.

If you feel your research programme isn’t fully delivering on its promised value and benefits, our audit service will identify issues, and help you utilise your data most effectively.

Our audit service has five stages –
1. Identify the communications and business goals set for the programme
2. Align identified goals with the data being delivered, to identify gaps
3. Undertake data mining of the existing data to surface greater hidden in-sight
4. Make recommendations to enhance the value of your measurement pro-gramme
5. Optionally liaise with your measurement provider to implement improve-ments to your programme if required.

At the end of the process you will receive a full report, including recommendations for ensuring ongoing measurement success. The Measurement Practice can also provide ongoing reviews and support to ensure the greatest value from the data.

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