3rd March 2017

In defence of AVEs

The communications industry has long struggled to prove the value of its work.  In part, the answer must be to do more self-evidently valuable work, but making the case beyond […]
26th July 2017

A critical response to the eight main arguments against AVEs in Macnamara’s paper

Hamish Pringle offers below a critical response to a recent paper by Jim MacNamara, which outlined 8 key arguments against use of the AVE metric. Hamish brings an advertising perspective […]
26th July 2017

It’s time for a different approach to the lingering AVE problem

If you have any interest in PR measurement, you’ll probably have read about a recent educational initiative from AMEC, supported by various PR associations, to make yet another final effort […]
20th September 2017

TMP launches new podcast series

‘Bridging the Gap – Measurement for the 21st Century’ podcast series from the Measurement Practice launches as part of AMEC Measurement Month The Measurement Practice (http://measurementpractice.com/) will be publishing the […]