We offer joined-up thinking - from start to finish

All too often communications measurement and evaluation efforts fail because of some common challenges:

  • Evaluation suppliers fail to generate actionable insight
  • Communications teams are unsure how to measure what they do
  • Suppliers and users together don’t focus enough on business outcomes

The Measurement Practice bridges those gaps, so campaigns and strategies can be planned and developed on solid foundations.

  • Rapid diagnostic healthcheck to identify key strengths and weaknesses and offer recommendations ... More
  • Comprehensive auditing of existing research programmes to ensure they are fit for purpose ... More
  • Aligning existing research programmes to deliver greater value - tactically and strategically ... More
  • Integrating communications research data with other pre-existing data - surfacing insight...
  • Supplier identification and due diligence ... More
  • Scoping stakeholder requirements for new research programmes
  • Scoring tender/RfP responses
  • Implementing insights to drive business value ... More
  • Workshops for internal stakeholders ... More