Training to improve use of research and measurement

The Measurement Practice combines a group of highly skilled, experienced and committed communications research professionals. The group has decades of combined experience in creating, implementing and delivering class-leading measurement solutions for a wide variety of organisations.

Training is all too often a significant weakness in otherwise well designed measurement programmes. The Measurement Practice provides dedicated training pro-grammes designed to build PR practitioners’ confidence in using data as a means to enhance and prove the value of their work.

The Measurement Practice’s training services will guide communicators to:
1. Understand the language of measurement and how to apply it to PR at both everyday and strategic levels.
2. Learn how to apply measurement best practice to their own communication activities
3. Uncover new and emerging measurement processes to help guide future programme development.

Custom designed training

PR agencies and in-house teams have rather different needs in relation to measurement. Our training services are therefore designed somewhat differently to reflect their differing requirements.

PR Agencies

The Barcelona Principles provide a basic guideline for communication measurement, which can be applied to any sized campaign or client. They provide a simple, scalable approach to consistent measurement and are ideal for use in the agency environment. For agency training, we therefore recommend a focus on building understanding of the Barcelona Principles and how to apply them to client’s communication activities. In addition, training will explore, in a practical way, how to add measurement into the planning process and avoid common pitfalls along the way.

In House Teams

The Valid Metrics for PR Measurement provides a clearly defined framework of metrics to apply to com-munications. Developed by Mike Daniels, the founder of The Measurement Practice, the framework defines what works best when proving communication effectiveness.

For in-house teams we suggest learning how the Valid Metrics can be applied within their organisations. We will explore how to unlock existing organisational data to better report on PR performance.

Training sessions run for three hours, on or off-site, for up to 9 people. Partici-pants should bring details of campaign work, to apply their learning through-out the session.

Training for more advanced applications or bigger teams is available and can be included within broader consultancy activities, such as auditing existing measurement programmes. The Measurement Practice believes that accu-rate, relevant measurement and data improves decision making and unlocks the true value of communications. Training in PR research will help all practi-tioners derive true, actionable insight for their client or organisation.

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