We help business measure more effectively, to drive up the value their communications deliver

Professional communicators and marketers are taking advantage of new techniques to get better and better at persuading people to think, shop and act.

New technologies, sophisticated techniques and big data are helping PR and marketing professionals identify, reach and influence critical audiences more effectively than ever.

The PR and communications industry needs to stay abreast of these new developments, and more importantly, learn to use them in their everyday practice.

Without measurement of performance, you cannot know what works and what does not.

Ignoring measurement means it’s impossible to identify what’s being achieved and whether the budget is delivering meaningful RoI.

Measurement is a tool to learn how to improve the future impact of campaigns.

That’s why the Measurement Practice was set up.

  • We help clients harness the power of data to use scarce resources more efficiently to plan and deliver more effective communications

  • We enable PR and communications teams to speak more strategically with management - to talk about business impact not just media relations efficiency

    We can do this because of the depth and breadth, and the combination, of individual expertise within our team, which is not available anywhere else.

    Each member of our team has more than 20 years’ experience across communications measurement, evaluation and planning. We cover:

  • Market research
  • Evaluation and communications research
  • Media insight and analysis
  • Communications planning and strategy
  • Technology
  • Professional development

    There is not much in communications research that we have not seen, advised on, or done, before.