Supplier selection and review

The Measurement Practice combines a group of highly skilled, experienced and committed communications research professionals. The group has decades of combined experience in creating, implementing and delivering class-leading measurement solutions for a wide variety of organisations.

The Measurement Practice provides a one-stop solution to identify and se-lect appropriate suppliers of evaluation services in a pitch or RFP process, or to review existing suppliers. We know that the management overhead during a measurement procurement process can be heavy. Using our ser-vice delivers a smoother process, faster and ensures a programme aligned as closely as possible to your specific business and communications needs.

Current and potential supplier reviews

We offer a number of techniques and services, depending on whether you are seeking to appoint a measurement partner for the firs time or to refresh an existing programme, or wishing to review the effectiveness of your existing supplier.

New supplier selection
⋅ Identifying key qualifying criteria to assess potential suppliers
⋅ Pitch process advice and management
⋅ Drafting RFI/RFP documentation
⋅ Supplier long/shortlist recommendations
⋅ ‘Best fit’/’Complementary fit’ analysis (where there is no single supplier who fits the requirements)
⋅ Liaison with Procurement teams
⋅ Managing central and local team requirements across large organisations
⋅ Feedback and management of unsuccessful suppliers
Existing supplier review
⋅ Measuring degree of alignment of supplier to stakeholder and business needs
⋅ Methodology evaluation
⋅ Scoring and analysis robustness
⋅ Accuracy and consistency of data
⋅ Suitability of reports: content and formatting
⋅ Potential application of new measurement and research techniques
⋅ Account management performance
At the end of the review, you will receive a full report, including recommendations for ensuring ongoing measurement success. The Measurement Practice can also provide ongoing reviews and support to ensure the greatest value and actionability from the measurement data.

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