Is your measurement fit for purpose?

Good measurement should provide relevant and actionable information to support your communications efforts and business goals. It should be helping you understand the effectiveness and impact of your strategy and campaigns. Media analysis can also provide invaluable competitor analysis to inform your messaging, and identify the strength of your reputation. Measurement should be a critical decision-support tool, not merely a rear-view mirror to replace a clipping book.

Do you think your measurement programme could deliver more?

The Measurement Practice Healthcheck service provides a rapid, independent and cost effective audit of your measurement programme, undertaken by a group of highly skilled and experienced communications research professionals.

Review, refresh, reboot?

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of your programme, the TMP measurement healthcheck team audit four key elements:

  1. Identification and review of measurement programme objectives against your business & communications goals
  2. Review of existing measurement & research reports
  3. Assessment of current supplier delivery and service, against original goals and expectations
  4. Preparation of a full report, including programme audit results and recommendations for enhancing the future value of the measurement programme

The audit checklist

The TMP audit process is based upon a structured checklist of key diagnostic indicators that reflect how well the programme is delivering against its aims. The scoring assessement is based upon the TMP team’s many years’ practical experience. The core indicators of a programme’s fitness for purpose, include:

  • Measuring degree of alignment of supplier to stakeholder and business needs
  • Methodology evaluation
  • Scoring and analysis robustness
  • Accuracy and consistency of data
  • Suitability and insight of reports, including content and formatting

The report

A  full report will be provided, covering not only the strengths and weaknesses of the current programme, but also including recommendations for ensuring ongoing measurement success. Your Healthcheck report will normally be delivered within 7 working days of commissioning.

The Measurement Practice can provide further ongoing reviews and support to ensure maximum value continues to be delivered from your measurement programme. A well-tuned measurement programme will maximise the impact and effectiveness of your communications efforts.

More information…

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