26th July 2017

A critical response to the eight main arguments against AVEs in Macnamara’s paper

Hamish Pringle offers below a critical response to a recent paper by Jim MacNamara, which outlined 8 key arguments against use of the AVE metric. Hamish brings an advertising perspective […]
3rd March 2017

In defence of AVEs

The communications industry has long struggled to prove the value of its work.  In part, the answer must be to do more self-evidently valuable work, but making the case beyond […]
23rd January 2017

Lessons from 2016 as a guide to 2017 priorities…

With the momentous events of 2016 still very fresh in all our minds, the Measurement Practice team recently reflected on the implications of these events on key communications and measurement […]
23rd January 2017

Barbara Bassi – Investire nei ferri del mestiere

Scorro i dati dell’edizione 2017 dell’Edelman Trust Barometer, uno studio internazionale sulla fiducia da parte delle persone verso il mondo degli affari, delle imprese, dei media, delle istituzioni e delle […]