Lessons from 2016 as a guide to 2017 priorities…

Barbara Bassi – Investire nei ferri del mestiere
23rd January 2017
In defence of AVEs
3rd March 2017

With the momentous events of 2016 still very fresh in all our minds, the Measurement Practice team recently reflected on the implications of these events on key communications and measurement priorities in 2017.

Each member of the TMP team has written a short piece focusing on their own areas of expertise, but related to the broad practice of communications and measurement.

Their thoughts can be found below.

Colin Wheeler – research and data

Why we still need experts.

We still need experts. Better decisions need more rigour, not fewer experts, argues @colin_wheeler. Lack of objectivity has undermined them

Liam Kelly – media analysis

Fake news proves the power of earned content.

The fake news phenomenon shows us that simply placing a story with traditional news sources is no longer enough, argues @prmeasured

Guy Corbet – communications strategy

A little humility (or realism), please.

Not all business problems could have been avoided with better communications, says @guycorbet, and overclaiming is not helpful

Pat Molloy – technology

The robots really are coming!

The robots really are coming. AI is ten years ahead of schedule and will soon be taking PR and communications jobs, anticipates @patmolloy

Mike Daniels – communications and business performance

Look at what is really happening.

To improve credibility, researchers must measure emotion, place outcome over output, and stop ignoring dark social, says @MikeDDaniels

Barbara Bassi – journalism, training and professional development on measuring PR

Investing in the tools of the trade.

Italian verion: Investire nei ferri del mestiere

The rapidly changing nature of professional communications puts ongoing development and training front and central, says @BassiBbassi


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