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26th July 2017
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20th September 2017

‘Bridging the Gap – Measurement for the 21st Century’ podcast series from the Measurement Practice launches as part of AMEC Measurement Month

The Measurement Practice ( will be publishing the first in a series of podcasts discussing the role and importance of measurement and evaluation for all those involved in communications who are looking to drive more effective communications.

The podcast series, entitled “Bridging the gap – Measurement for the 21st century”  will cover a range of related topics, including the current media measurement landscape; what 21st century measurement could and should look like; how measurement creates value, and why it’s important and what lessons communications measurement can learn from other disciplines. Podcasts will include members of the TMP team and expert interviewees from both inside and outside the usual voices in the comms measurement discussion.

Our first podcast launches in the final week of AMEC Measurement Month, and we will be keeping the discussion live through the rest of the year, focusing on measurement innovation, data integration and maximising insight.  Confirmed featured guests in the series will include David Rockland (Ketchum Global Research and Analysis), Angela Jeffrey (Advertising Benchmark Index), and Andrew Tucker (Mettle Consulting). Others to follow!

If you would like to be notified when the first podcast is published, please sign up at, or keep an eye on

Mike Daniels and Colin Wheeler from TMP are also running a training course with the PRCA on “Mastering Measurement for More Effective Communications”, taking place on 25th October at the PRCA offices. To sign up or for more information, please visit

The Measurement Practice is a collaboration of senior experts in communications research and evaluation led by Mike Daniels and includes Colin Wheeler, Guy Corbet, Pat Molloy and Barbara Bassi (

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