TMP offers measurement training with PRCA
20th September 2017

 Bridging the gap – communications measurement for the 21st century

As part of AMEC’s Measurement Month, the Measurement Practice is delighted to offer all who are involved in communications measurement the opportunity to listen to a debate and discussion with  three of the most eminent and experienced practitioners of research and measurement. This first podcast is part of a planned set of four debates over the next three months covering various aspects of measurement.

For this first podcast, we’re delighted to have been able to bring together David Rockland, Chairman of Ketchum Global Research and Analysis, Angela Jeffrey, VP Brand Management at disruptive advertising research company, Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX) and Measurement Practice Associate, Guy Corbet of Corbet Communications to discuss what lessons, if any, communications measurement could learn from the undoubted success of market and advertising research in becoming a necessary component of marketing practice.

During a very lively conversation, our three commentators range over a broad spread of topics, including: the nature of insight in research; how measurement can better demonstrate its value; whether PR suffers from left-brain wiring, and the increasing awareness of the importance of non-traditional metrics to targeted audiences.

Our conclusion?

You’ll just have to listen to the podcast to find out!


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Angela Jeffrey

Guy Corbet

David Rockland

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