The Measurement Practice goes live!

Awards organisers demand measurement, but…
31st March 2016

After many weeks of deliberation, including the necessary quota of lunches, we’re at last ready to launch The Measurement Practice. TMP is a virtual consultancy, made up of a group of highly experienced communications measurement, research and technology experts. Over our many years in communications research, we’ve all observed the increasing frustration of PR and marketing professionals at the lack of insight (and therefore value) they derive from their measurement programmes.  We’re 5 senior thought leaders (you can see our bios on the Team page), who meld our understanding of research techniques, statistical modelling, communications theory and technology with a robustly practical, and solutions oriented approach to business and organisational needs.

Our goal is to bridge the aspiration gap between data providers and their clients, to ensure research users – those who already have measurement in place – end up with a programme that that’s truly fit for purpose, is aligned to the needs of the communications function and business and delivers actionable insight. We’re also aiming to help clients further upstream, should they have no current programme in place – identifying their required business outcomes in order to determine the most appropriate metrics, shortlisisting potential partners, developing the brief or RfP, and subsequently scoring responses.

We know from experience how much value is locked away in those sets of charts, data tables and interminable commentaries. Unlocking that value is the task we’ve set ourselves – an exciting and fun challenge!

Members of The Measurement Practice will be regularly posting their thoughts and experiences on a variety of communications research topics here; our aim is to create a blog that will enlighten, entertain, and most importantly inform. Please do comment freely – your feedback is very important to us…

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  1. Congratulations, Mike and Pat and all! Great looking site, great concept and I know you’ll be successful. Angie

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