How clients feel about communications measurement – our survey is OPEN!

Finding out how clients feel about their measurement programmes…
7th June 2016
Measurement: time for communications to grasp the nettle
13th July 2016

Mook inventors schematicWe’ve been interested for some time in how clients really view their measurement programmes – whether they deliver value, how much the data is used (and useful) and what’s missing from their programme (if anything!) So we decided to create a very short PulseCheck survey, aimed at users of measurement data. The results are all aggregated and your response will be anonymous to us (unless you would like to see the final report of course). There’s more about our reasons for doing the survey in my last blog. The survey is your chance, as a data user, to make your voice heard about the state of communications measurement.

We believe this is a unique chance for users and buyers of measurement and evaluation to let the industry know just how well, or not, it’s doing in meeting their business needs. The survey is open to all users of measurement – whether you’re an end-user client in either a B2B or B2C business, or an NGO, or you work in a PR, brand or marketing agency.

The survey is designed to be a PulseCheck of user sentiment about measurement, and should take no more than 2 minutes to complete, we promise! We wanted to make the survey as quick and easy to complete – the more user responses we get, the more robust our results. So please, do support this important research, and once you’ve completed the survey, please feel free to forward the survey link to relevant colleagues or contacts…

We aim to re-run the survey in a few months, in order to determine if the results have signifcantly changed over time.

You’ll find the survey here:

If you have any queries at all about the research aims or method, or about The Measurement Practice, please drop me an email.

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you’ll find those two minutes to participate!

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