The TMP team: Pat Molloy on technology’s measurement potential

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22nd September 2016
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23rd January 2017

pat-molloy-headshotFollowing on from our last update, in which Liam Kelly wrote about his motivation for working with TMP, Pat Molloy now adds his own thoughts. Pat has decades of experience no building technology for both the market research industry and media analysis businesses. He is passionate about the potential for technology to dramatically measurement’s ability to drive strategy through greater insight.

Pat’s experiences encompass the development and implementation of survey questionnaire and analysis tools, analytics and data mining, AI and data display platforms. His expertise in creating the tools to enable high quality insight-driven research is unparalleled.

Pat wrote:

I believe that the world of media measurement, research and analysis stands at the beginning of a very significant revolution that is sweeping across all forms of “Insight” generation.

Technology, and in particular various forms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have advanced at a tremendous pace in the last few years. Google, who are among the leading pioneers, said this year that their research is 10 years ahead of where they thought it would be only last year!

My interest in working with TMP lies in helping to harness some of these new technologies to deliver powerful insights to clients; delivering high quality whilst at the same time doing it speedily and at reduced cost. Although ths inevitably leads down the automation route, and in particular to using technology to better gather data, combining that data with other data (often from diverse sources, in diverse formats) and then making sense of what you have gathered, nonetheless, I also believe that human interpretation is still crucial to the effort of delivering valuable nuggets of insight.

Technology providers always make the implementation of their solutions sound very easy. In reality though, the data volumes are high, the data is noisy and the nuggets are hard to spot. At TMP, we’re providing clients with the means to take advantage of the new opportunities opening up through the use, for example, of AI. AI offers a tantalizing and exciting opportunity, one that promises to fundamentally change the nature of media research in all of its forms. Navigating this opportunity and making it work effectively for communicators is the challenge I am looking forward to the most. I think TMP is uniquely positioned to help clients really drive the promise of technology into the service of their business.

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